Rachel and Kevin || Engagement Session|| Pasadena City Hall, CA

Feb 1, 2020

Kevin and Rachel

I love hearing the love story between two people, because no two stories are alike. When I meet Kevin and Rachel you can feel the connection between both of them. Kevin and Rachel met in a blind date created by their mutual friend, Brittney. After some awkwardness and alcohol in the air, they were able to bond over their Colombian heritage and love for movies/Netflix. Subsequently after the first day they met, Rachel slid into Kevin’s DM with a Narcos meme. From there, they started texting each other until wee hours of the morning. One day Rachel told Kevin that she was looking forward to the upcoming Star Wars movie The Force Awakens. Although Kevin had seen it a couple of times by that time Kevin did not waste the opportunity to invite her to their first date. Talk about the perfect first date, you can’t go wrong with Star Wars. Since they both had to work in the morning, Kevin took Rachel back home right after the movie. Afterwards it hit Kevin why didn’t he asked her for coffee? by that time he thought that all his chances with Rachel where over because he had ruined the perfect ending for their first date. Many dates later they are many favorite dates, but the most memorable ones are the ones that are full of fun adventures to new places and unplanned.

Engagement Time…..

Sunday, July 7th, 2019 coming back home to Irvine from Zion National Park in Utah they had to pass Las Vegas their halfway point from home, Kevin decided to exit the 15 Freeway into this little town south of Vegas. while Rachel had no idea what was going on and Kevin refusing to answer where they were going, he finally stopped at this airport. At first Rachel thought it was a helicopter ride but as they got closer Rachel could make out a sign that read “skydiving”. Although Rachel always wanted to skydive, Rachel was not mentally prepared. Kevin jumped first per Rachel request or so she thought even though Kevin already had planned it. 10 seconds after Kevin had jumped Rachel was living her dream of skydiving with no idea that a bigger surprise was waiting for her on the ground. After a not so smooth landing, Kevin was waiting for her. He embraced her and told her he had another surprise and just then he got down in one knee and proposed. Yes! Rachel said Yes. Kevin knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Rachel when they finally obtain their goal of purchasing a house, because they both worked very hard to accomplished it. He loves that Rachel is goofy, independence and also her easygoing demeanor, which makes him love her each day even more. When he was ready to surprise her (surprises are his favorite thing to do) it took 4 months to plan all the details to the T for his actual proposal. Rachel had no idea that he was proposing, like I said he loves to surprise her. Rachel knew her Yes was a sure thing, because her love for Kevin is unconditional. He loves to be thoughtful for the people he loves, the work-ethic he posses and always tackling life with such positivity makes her love for him that much sweeter. Talk about a love story for the books. I cannot wait to document their wedding day with them very soon….


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