Dottie and Shane | Engagement Session | Palomar Mountain, CA

Feb 11, 2020

Imagine going for a beach run and running to the love your life. Well that is how Dottie and Shane’s love story began. How rad is it, that two people decided that they will go for a run at the same time, the same location, and run the same path, if that is not destiny, I have no idea what destiny is. Fast forward 12 years and here we are going their engagement session and planning the wedding details for 2020. When Dottie contacted me for an inquiry for her wedding we instantly click, I loved that she was so excited for her engagement and wedding to be perfectly documented that I was beyond happy when she booked me for both of them, Thank You Dottie and Shane for allowing me to capture your love story.

Let me tell you about their amazing love story full of love and fun adventures. Like I previously mention they meet while running at the beach 12 years ago and they have not stop having fun adventures since then. One of Dottie and Shane’s favorite date was a fun concert by the Eagles talk about amazing music and having a good time. They not only go to concerts together, but they travel, have fun, have chills nights, and did I mention that they have two of the most adorable and cute kids together.

Proposal Story:

On one of the many adventures of Dottie and Shane including the kids they went to Costa Rica for a summer vacation. The perfect day was at Jaco Beach, Costa Rica the kids where playing in the water, her cousin and brother were also at the beach with them. When the suns setting Shane starting to tell Dottie how beautiful life was and he stand up invited her to dance. While dancing he was signing to her and when her was about to propose he started to say “ Do you want to know something crazy? will you marry me? for all you that do not know this part if from Disney Movie Frozen ( one of their daughter’s favorite movies) since the proposal was a big surprise Dottie doesn’t even remember saying yes and she remember was crying happy tears.

From an epic surprise proposal, you need an engagement session that is as adventurous as their love story. When Dottie told me what she envisions for her session I knew it had to be at Palomar Mountain. After what seems like 20,000 mosquitos’ bites, and getting lost while getting to Doane pond in Palomar Mountain this engagement was fun and full of love… I cannot wait for the wedding day to see all the amazing details they both have plan.


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