Veronica and Erik || Engagement session || Vista, California

Mar 11, 2020

Talk about an engagement session out of the ordinary. In the middle of a Californian rain storm. The rain storm in its self is rare, but combines them both and you have magic. This Temecula photographer was not ready for this, but I had so much time.

Veronica and Erik met in high school, but didn’t start dating until after high school. See they had friends in common, slowly they become friends which led to eventually become movie buddies. Over time Veronica and Erik started to become a little more than just friends. Veronica knew she wanted to spend a little more alone time with Erik. One day she had a project for school that she needed to done by going to Balboa Park. She invited all the friends and of course Erik, after she told her friends not to go just so she could spend a little more time with him. They just had so much fun visiting the museums, walking around, or just having a picnic in the grass, that Veronica considers that day the turning point of their friendship into a relationship. As a couple one of their favorite dates was going for the first time to Disneyland together as a couple back in 2014. They are adventurous and have fun going places or just chilling in their home.

The engagement plans took about 2 months to plan. Erik had to ask Veronica’s dad for their blessing and custom design Veronica’s engagement ring. He said and I quote “ I didn’t want Veronica to have the same cookie cutter ring that 12 other girls have, Veronica is unique as her ring” talk about aaahhh moment.

The big day took place in January 11th 2019. Erik and Veronica had planned a small trip up the coast just a little getaway after the holidays. They started at Disneyland and slowly moved up to Santa Barbara. Erik and Veronica visited the Santa Barbara botanical gardens, where they have a garden with a lot of fairy houses. Veronica being a huge fan of fairies couldn’t resist opening the doors to the little houses as she normally does when she sees a fairy house. She moved from house to house checking the inside as slowly as possible. When she finally got to the last house, she opened it and to her surprise a ring was waiting for her with Eric standing right next to it ready to take a knee and asked Veronica to marry him.

Guys our engagement session was outdoors, in a park that looks a lot where fairies would live. It was raining tons and the photos could not been more perfect for these two in love and genuine people. I can’t wait to see what their wedding day is going to look like and for me to witness the new chapter begin for them.


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