Paola and Antonio || Engagement Session || La Jolla, CA

Mar 14, 2020

San Diego has always has had a special place in my heart. The beach is even more special because I am a beach girl. When Paola and Antonio decided that they wanted to do their engagement session at the beach I was beyond delighted! We ended up having the session at Windansea Beach, in La Jolla CA. From the first moment we click and started to have so much fun. They were so comfortable in front of the camera that they made their session so easy to shoot. The session ended super steamy and the photos are no disappointment. Paola and Antonio had the perfect ending to their session cuddle hugs with their pups’ babies. Can you believe that they both met during acting class (hint I think this is why they were so comfortable in front of the camera). Not a single day had gone by when Antonio got Paola’ Phone number from the office and he called her. At first Paola was not interested and Antonio didn’t stopped insisting until Paola agreed to go out on a date with him. Their first date was at a local sandwich shop and Paola went as far as to lie that she had a boyfriend in Mexico. Antonio response was “I will not stop until you fall for me” little did Antonio know Paola was already falling for him. After many dates to Disneyland and other places, they got to know each other. In fact, one of their favorite date was going to the park across from where Paola lived to just lay down under a tree and talk for hours. The moment that Antonio saw Paola he knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. After some time of dating, he decided to finally propose. Little did he know was that Paola already had the gut feeling it was going to happen. The day came, and Antonio decided to take Paola hiking however, he didn’t tell her they were going hiking and Paola was in a romper and sandals. When they got to the top of the mountain and taking in the view he got in one knee and proposed. Paola cried and cried until she couldn’t any more. After hugging and sharing happy tears they took off their Top and where topless at the top of a mountain, talk about the most unique way to seal the engagement day. The love Paola and Antonio have for each other is as unique as their love story. These two imperfect people fell in love and become perfect for each other.


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