Engagement session what to wear, and tips to be comfortable.

Mar 16, 2020

During an engagement session you are documenting your beginning, the new stage of your love story. Your outfit should be a representation of you two and this new adventure. There is nothing better than being within your style element, comfortable, and confident in how you look and feel. Remember confidence photographs the best!

Here are some tips and tricks to help you prepare for your engagement session.


This is by far one of the most important tips to consider. Coordinating outfits DOES NOT mean matching, there’s a difference. Wearing different color shades is most ideal than trying to match the exact color for both of you, but at the same time the outfit should come together between the both of you. Complimenting each other gives harmony to your photos. Patterns, when wearing patterns for a photo session make sure that they are medium to large size let’s say the bigger the better. Reason being, from a distance the camera cannot pick up the small patterns, resulting in blurry photos. When considering your outfit, if one of your outfits consist of a lot of color and or pattern make sure that the other person is wearing neutral, this tone it down a bit and gives that balance between both of you.


When planning your outfit make sure to take into account the time of year and the location that the shoot is taking place. During spring and summer a pop of color always compliments well. A nice summer maxi dress or a button down shirt is very versatile. During fall and winter you may want to consider outfits with sleeves, for example, you can wear a nice a dress with a cardigan. As for guys a nice pair of jeans a sweater with a nice pair of dress shoes is a simple but elegant outfit during the winter. Attire could possibly play a major role with your theme and vision. If you want a fun vibe engagement session choose a fun location and a fun outfit. If you are looking for formal, choose a fancy dress and a suit and tie outfit.


The best advice I can give you, is bring two outfits to your session. One formal, something you would wear to a nice dinner or a friend’s wedding. Second a more casual and relax, something you wear to a baseball game or concert. Just remember you don’t want to have too many outfits since it does take time to be changing . Also, we are not all the same, keep in mind your attire should be flattering to your figure and your skin tone. I know for me personally I hate how yellow looks on me and how dark it makes me look, I am not comfortable it either, so I would not wear it to a session. Yes, I will help with poses that will make you feel great when you look at the photos however, if you are not feeling what you are wearing you will not like the photos I take no matter how beautiful the photos are. Scarves, hats, statement jewelry bring them all they make photos unique and make a statement as well. Accessories add so much to one’s confidence and give that extra pixie dust to your outfit. Lastly, Don’t be afraid to wear what is in your closet more than likely you already have the perfect outfit sitting there for you to discover, It your day and be you.


Consider a more light and neutral colors shades, this doesn’t season stamp your photos, which means that your images will look light and airy no matter the time of the year. For a more romantic look, wear a long and flow dress or bring with you a cozy blanket these two items give multiple new poses for a more intimate and romantic feel to the photos. In addition, if possible get your hair, makeup and manicure done , and wear a great pair of shoes your ring will be the center of attention in your engagement session and your shoes will make it in the photos one way or another. Lastly, make sure that you both are at the same level of the type of attire you are doing. You do not want to be formal and the other casual or by versa. You want your photos to be a balance of the perfect outfit, location and theme for the perfect outcome of your vision.

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