Mercedes and Nick|| Blomgren Ranch Wedding|| Santa Clarita, CA

Mar 25, 2020

Mercedes and Nick’s wedding at Blomgren Ranch, in Santa Clarita, a was a dream to be part of. The day was full of love from friends and family, and the evening was fun and most definitely one of my best weddings in the books.

Let us go back to the very beginning. Mercedes and Nick met while attending the Catholic Church they would eventually get married in. Mercedes and her sister where taking a preparation class for one of the sacraments, while Nick was a youth leader. After a few visits to a near-by Jack in the Box, Mercedes and Nick where inseparable.


A few years later, Nick and Mercedes took a trip to their favorite city, New Orleans, as they had a couple of times before. This time, Nick planned on making this trip a bit different and planned to propose. Funny side note: Mercedes almost always gives Nick her Chapstick to hold, and on the day of the proposal, it was no different. While walking the streets of the French Quarter, Mercedes kept reaching for Nick’s pockets to grab her Chapstick, and Nick had to think fast and give the ring to his brother before Mercedes realized what was happening. When they arrived at Jackson Square, Nick took a knee and asked Mercedes to be his best friend forever and Mercedes said yes!

I have to say, I love to see my couples on their wedding day because it is the beginning of a new adventure together. The way Nick made sure that Mercedes’ dress was perfect as could be as she walked was a tender sight. Or the way Mercedes would look at Nick and her face would light up full of joy. There was a part where I have to say Nick was the hero of the day. I was in the middle of taking their portraits and we were in a location of the venue that was away from the guests. As we were taking photos, we heard this noise, and in a split second, we realized that the sprinklers were turning on! Nick jumped in front of Mercedes to shield her from the water that would have ruined her dress. As we were walking away from the area, we realized that her bouquet was left behind so Nick ran past the sprinklers and grabbed the bouquet! WOW! Her own hero in action. These little details are the ones that matter the most.

The day was full of magic. Mercedes did her own floral bouquet and got ready with her family by her side. Like I mentioned before, they got married at the same church where they both first laid eyes on each other. Their grand entrance was in a golf cart which was a replica to a Rolls Royce. The song Mercedes and Nick first danced to as husband and wife was played by a violinist. They had pan dulce as part of their dessert table and, as a surprise for their wedding guests, they had noodles for a midnight snack.

Mercedes and Nick, thank you for letting Bri and me be part of your big day. It was truly an honor to capture the beginning of your new adventure and the new chapter of your love story.


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