Rachel and Kevin||Old Orange County Courthouse Wedding|| Santa Ana, CA

Apr 1, 2020

My oh my! Rachel and Kevin’s wedding at the Old Orange County Courthouse was full of love, smiles, and a few happy tears. I love courthouse weddings because of how intimate they are. When I first began talking to Rachel and Kevin regarding their wedding, there was one thing we had in common: the love of places with old buildings and the history behind said buildings. Originally, Rachel and Kevin had planned on getting married at the Pasadena City Hall, but the city hall does not provide court weddings anymore. Therefore, they decided to go with Old Orange County Courthouse. To keep with the theme of old buildings, we decided to have their engagement session at Pasadena City Hall. Click Here to view their session.


The day was wonderful as the sun was out and the birds were singing, and you could feel love was in the air. I met with Kevin first, just outside the courthouse, to go over the first look and what we were planning, and then I went inside to see Rachel and give her the plan Kevin and I had come up with. The wheels started rolling and the plan was set into action. Everything went so smooth. I love when I have a first good session with the couple, because during the first 15 to 20 minutes, they get to go to their own happy place (being with each other) and this takes the edge off of them. These moments are the most well spent.

Once the first look was over, we headed to the inside of the courthouse to make the paperwork official. After all the T’s were crossed and the I’s were dotted, we headed to the ceremony hall on the second floor. The room was full of laughs, tears, and smiles, especially when Rachel and Kevin read their vows. After the ceremony, we all went outside to take fun photos with the beautiful building as the backdrop. After I captured moments of celebration with the happy couple and their guests, we continued the session with photos of the couple with their family inside. Lastly, I focused on the portraits of the newlyweds. Let me tell you, the Old Orange County Courthouse has no bad spots. The building is stunning both inside and out. As I finished Rachel and Kevin’s elopement, I realized I truly love photography. Not only am I able to capture these special moments for people who become more than friends, but I end the day with a full heart of happy memories. As a Temecula based wedding photographer, I love when couples take me along to a new place I have not visited or knew of its existence.


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