Tiffany and Kevin || Engagement Session || Victoria Beach, CA

May 27, 2020

When Tiffany told me that Kevin had proposed at a San Diego Beach and that they both wanted their engagement session at a beach, I knew that I had to take them to Victoria Beach.  Victoria Beach has everything you want from a beach; it has a pirate tower, rocks, the sandy shore, and amazing sunsets. Let me tell you a funny story that happened to me while I waited for Tiffany and Kevin to arrive to the location. I arrived early because I needed to set up a picnic area for them. While I was setting up, I set my cooler aside because I had fruit and cheese that couldn’t be in the heat. Well the seagulls were eyeing them. The entire time I was setting up the blanket with all the little details, the seagulls where waiting for me to forget about them, which I did (insert hand-to-forehead emoji here), and you guessed it! They flew away with a pack of crackers! When Kevin and Tiffany arrived, we got began shooting and I told them the funny story about my little encounter with my new best friend, the seagull. Let me tell you, it was so funny because the couple noticed the seagulls and how they knew there was food there and we were in their way from accessing it and eat it. During our photo session, we laughed and could not stop watching over our shoulders to see where our new friends where. Needless to say, we were able to finish our photo session in the picnic area and move to another. The way Kevin looked after Tiffany was just so romantic and tender and the way he told the story about the way he proposed was just perfect. Let me tell you guys, love stories are the best to tell and they never get old for me. I always like to hear them over and over again.


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