Leslie and Michael || Secret Proposal || Solana Beach, CA

Jun 4, 2020

This was my first shooting session since COVID-19, and it was a surprised engagement session!!!! Talk about good and positive vibes! We all need good and happy moments in our lives, especially right now, and like Michael said, it is his Kobe Year. Leslie and Michael’s first date was at Solana Beach 4 years ago, and when Michael contacted me he made it really clear he wanted the proposal and photography session to be at Solana Beach. We planned out with an idea where I was going to reach out to Leslie and ask her to model for me, and so I did. She accepted and the wheels started to move towards the big day.  Everything was going smoothly, and then COVID-19 happened. As we were getting ready to postpone, the beaches started to open up again and we saw that we may not need to postpone after all. A few days before the proposal, we heard that we had a curfew. We started to make plans once again in case we needed to postpone. But the big day finally came, and no curfews were set in place yet and no beach shutdowns. It was just perfect. The weather was an amazing 80 degrees, the sky was all shades of pink, and the couple was beyond excited because they were getting a puppy. According to Leslie, it was the best news she could have gotten, or so she thought.  We started the photoshoot and I had them posing in the usual couples poses. Then it came time to do the pose where Michael would get on one knee and ask Leslie to marry him. I set up my extra camera on the tripod and I resumed shooting. Leslie came walking into my camera’s view by the left side and Michael from the right, and as Leslie got closer to Michael, Michael got in one knee and proposed.  Leslie was beyond happy and did not suspect a thing! She said yes! We continued with their photoshoot but transitioned into a recently engaged couple session. They mention a very cute detail, which was the detail that Leslie and Michael’s first kissed occurred a few feet away from where he had just proposed! Super rad!


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