Madeline and Steve || Engagement Session || Palomar Mountain, CA

Jul 20, 2020

When I first met Madeline and Steve, it was over coffee at Bean Coffee shop in Temecula, CA. I instantly clicked with the couple and their dog Candy. By the end of the meeting, my cheeks hurt so much from laughing and all the fun we had. Originally, we had plan two different sessions; the first would be at Disneyland and the second at Palomar Mountain. However, as most of you know, COVID-19 hit, and Disneyland closed just a few days before our plan session. I was very, very disappointed, but safety first. We decided to Keep Palomar Mountain as our main location and, as always, the choice of location did not disappoint.

Madeline and Steve met at Steve’s parents’ business one day while Madeline went to pick-up a payment on behalf of the company Madeline worked for. However, Steve had already seen Madeline before and since then he kept referring to her as his “girlfriend.” Over the course of time, Madeline and Steve kept making conversation while Steve would go to purchase parts from Madeline’s workplace.  After a few months of flirtations, Madeline had to ask Steve, and I quote, “so what is it going to take for you to ask me out?” Steve’s response was, “well, you can say that”. According to both of them, the first date went pretty bad. It started with Madeline having car troubles and Steve losing his wallet. Overall, it was not a good first date. They both decided to have a second first date and to say that it was better the second time around is an understatement. Many new dates would come for Madeline and Steve, but nothing compared to their unplanned trip to Kauai, Hawaii. They took the trip with no plans or reservations (except the hotel).

Steve proposed on the first day of Fall (Madeline’s favorite season) of 2019. The proposal took place on a Monday night. At the time, Madeline was attending school after work, so Steve had asked Madeline to text him on her way back from school. When she got home and walked into a house, candles lit up their entire home. Steve also bought Madeline’s favorite flowers, sunflowers, and there he stood before her, dressed up, and Candy was in a cute dress. Madeline was in such shock and had to ask what was going on. Steve handed Candy to Madeline and began to tell her he wanted to copy Monica and Chandlers proposal (Friends, “The one with the proposal part 2”). He wanted it to be in the first house they bought together and, of course, they had to have little Candy dressed up as well. He talked about how their life had changed and how much they had grown in 4 1/2 years. 2019 was their year as they had had many happy and exciting milestones such the trip to Hawaii, moving to a new home, adopting Candy, Madeline’s college graduation, and the proposal. After all the beautiful words Steve had told her, Madeline finally said YES!!!!


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