A new adventure during time of COVID-19

Oct 5, 2020

When the wedding industry changed because of the COVID-19 I notice that I had to do something about being able to safely bring income to my business. I decided to promote a session for empowering sessions for Women in the small business community, and the results where stunning. I have never been surrounded by so many women that are motivated by success and passion for their business.

The session was on a Sunday afternoon at The Nest Studio in Fallbrook, CA. It started with Jaqueline’s session, her branding targets women with children and its endless possibility to accomplish anything if you set your mind to it. Next, was my good friend Liza she is a mentor for a nursing program and is also almost due with her 3rd child. Liza not only is a register nurse, her passion to help others to accomplish their dream is so admirable. Carey is owner of multiple small business, to say she is a busy bee is an understatement, her brand is full of color and joyful colors just like her photos. Juliane is a real state broker as well as a small business owner, she is the mom of Krysta another one of kind Bossmom. Together Krysta and Juliane are a bomb making dreams reality. Heather is also a boss mom and works day and night to make her business a success. Lastly, my sister! this lady is the a boss babe in all sense. Raising two children on her own while working and making sure our mom and us had everything we needed growing up.. She wont stop until her everyday she accomplish a new goal.

I cannot wait to offer more sessions like these. Take a look below.


  1. Shannon Holland says:

    You did a great job empowering these women and making them look fabulous!

  2. Wendy Goetz says:

    Beautiful shots of these women, such a nice bright and airy natural feel to them!

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