Maryann and Neil || Backyard Wedding || Menifee, CA

Feb 4, 2021

My first wedding of 2021 was a backyard wedding in Menifee, CA of two very special people in my family’s life. Neil is one of my husband’s best friends, they have known each other since they were children, and they even had a band together. When my husband asked if I could shoot the wedding of Maryann and Neill it was no brainer, I was beyond excited to do so. Maryann and Neil met through a mutual friend of theirs, at first they both didn’t expect anything from meeting each other, but eventually they just started talking and got to know each other better and everything was history from that point forward. It only took Neil 7 months to declared his love to Maryann, and after 9 years of being together Neil got on one knee and proposed. The wedding took place exactly 10 years from the first date and it was just a perfect day. The day was a beautiful warm January day, I arrived early so that my husband and I could help with anything we could. When Maryann arrived, I was able to capture some getting ready photos and my husband was able to capture some candid moments of Neil with his close friends and family. Once the ceremony was ready to start you can see that everyone was happy to witness the union between Neil and Maryann. Lastly, all I can say is that this wedding was full of laugh, precious moments of “I do’s” and even during the first dance their little niece London sang to them it was the perfect way to end the day.


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